Rx & Intensity Programming – Week of 5/24/21



Every 2:30 for 8 rounds

2 Back Squats@90%+


25ft Double DB front rack walking lunges, 2×50/35

6 DB Burpees


7 mins to Build to a Heavy Weighted Strict Pull Up

(Scaled: EMOM x 7 – 15-20 Ring Rows)

** Rest 2 mins **

For time

Buy In: 1000/900m Row


30 Alternating DB snatches, 50/35

40 Empty Barbell Front Rack Step-Ups, 45/35

20 Alternating DB Snatches

30 Empty Barbell Front Rack Step-Ups

10 Alternating DB snatches

20 Empty Barbell Front Rack Step-Ups


Cash-Out: 500/450m Row 


Age Online Qualifier Workout #1

5 Rounds for Time (20 min cap)

15 Handstand Push-Ups

15 DB Shoulder to Overhead, 2×50/35

15 Calorie Row


You-Go-I-Go Partner Euphoria!!!!

10 Rounds For Time (5 each person)

18/15 Calorie Assault Bike

50m Sled Push, 4×45/2×45 plates

25 Air Squats


EMOM x 15

Build to a Max weight for the complex of…

1 Power Clean+2 Hang Squat Cleans

** Rest 2 mins **

EMOM x 7

1 Power Clean+2 Hang Squat Cleans @ heaviest weight used for Part 1


EMOM x 21

Minute 1: 12/9cal Row

Minute 2: 12 Ball Slams

Minute 3: 12 Box Jump Overs (24″/20″)

** Add 1 cal/rep to each movement each round


Go outdoors and use your fitness.



Program #1 (30)

100 DB Deadlifts, 2xDB/KB

80 DB Bench Press, 2xDB/KB

60 DB Cleans, 2xDB/KB

40 DB Bench Press, 2xDB/KB

20 DB Deadlifts, 2xDB/KB


Program #1 (18)

1km Row/800m Run/60 Cal Bike

750m Row/600m Run/45 Cal Bike

500m Row/400m Run/30 Cal Bike

250m Row/250m Row/15 Cal Bike

** 10 Burpee Knee to Elbow after each interval

Program #2 (8)

EMOM x 4 Rounds

M1: 12 Alt. Single Arm Thrusters, 2xDB/KB

M2: 30 sec Leg Lift Overs, L+R=1


Program #1 (31)

5 Rounds: 40sec Work/20 sec Rest; Rotate

** 90 sec Rest after each round

Reverse Grip Battle Rope Alt. Waves

Tire Jump Through

Push-Up Knee Tuck, R + Push-Up Knee Tuck, L

Wall-Sit, weighted

100m Sprint/8 Cal Bike Sprint


Program #1 (14)

EMOM x 7

5 Deadlifts (30×1)

Program #2 (6)


Goblet Squat Jumps, 1xDB/KB

Z-Press, 2xDB

Program #3 (8)

8 min Up-Ladder

100m Run/8 Cals

8 Plyo Box Step-Ups, 4 Left/4 Right

** Add 4 Reps each round; Run/Cals stay the same


Program #1 (14)

AMRAP 14 with a Partner…

100m Run, together

20 Back-to-Back Rotating Medball Passes, 10 left/10 right

18 Standing Medball Chest Passes, 9 each

16 Burpee Over Partner, 8 each

20m Wheelbarrow Walk, 10m each

Program #2 (16)

1000m Row/800m Run/60 Cal Bike

30 Reverse Burpees

50 Push Press, BB or 2xDB/KB

1000m Row/800m Run/60 Cal Bike


Program #1 (15)

5 Rounds – 30 sec work/30 sec Rest; Rotate.

DB Burpee Power Cleans, 2xDB

Lateral Hop Overs

Kettlebell Swings

Program #2 (14)

50 TRX Mountain Climbers (L+R=1)

400m Run/30 Cals

50 Alt. Arm Snatch

400m Run/30 Cals

50 Russian Twists (L+R=1)


Go outdoors and use your fitness.

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I was never involved with organized sports during my youth; skateboarding was my sport of choice. Much later in life, I was inspired to be more active after a conversation with a friend who had recently finished the Boston Marathon. Deciding to enter short distance triathlons, and without a swimming background, the jump to athletics was fairly arduous. On a whim, I was given an article from a local newspaper regarding Crossfit Endurance. After one Endurance class consisting of rowing, push presses, and lunges, I was hooked. It wasn’t until a year later that I jumped into formal Crossfit classes. My first WOD – Murph.


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